• Un immeuble à découvrir – The Crossing

    sept. 30, 2019

    L’immeuble résidentiel The Crossing (830 Idylwyld Drive) est la propriété idéale pour ceux qui recherchent le confort urbain et un espace de vie élégant à Saskatoon. C'est idéal pour ceux qui apprécient la vie dans une communauté diversifiée ainsi que la proximité d’un centre-ville animé.


    Votre résidence

    Situé dans le quartier de Caswell Hill, entre la 33e rue et le centre-ville, ce bel édifice patrimonial  a beaucoup de choses à offrir. Les unités résidentielles sont grandes, lumineuses et parfaites pour ceux qui aiment le style de vie de loft. Vous profiterez d’une magnifique terrasse commune avec barbecue, d’un stationnement pratique et d’une gestion professionnelle directement sur place. L’immeuble accepte également les animaux domestiques! Profitez de notre offre estivale pour économiser 250 $ par mois sur votre bail!

    Votre quartier

    The Crossing est situé au cœur même de Saskatoon. Si vous appréciez la proximité des transports en commun, des grands magasins et des bons restaurants, cet endroit est fait pour vous! Les parcs, les bibliothèques et toutes sortes de lieux de divertissement sont accessibles à pied, notamment le parc Ashworth Holmes, le jardin communautaire de Caswell et le parc canin de Caswell. Peu importe où vous voulez aller, The Crossing est proche de tout, y compris des transports en commun. Si vous recherchez une cuisine de qualité, vous y trouverez des lieux tels que le Citizen Cafe and Bakery, le Cactus Club et le Leyda’s Cafe, tous à peine à 15 minutes à pied. En moins de 10 minutes, vous pourrez rejoindre deux clubs de conditionnement physique situés à proximité, le Fitness Focus et le Synergy Strength, ainsi que plusieurs autres restaurants, bars et épiceries.

    Assurez-vous de considérer cette fabuleuse propriété avant qu’il ne soit trop tard! Nous sommes assurés que vous adorerez l’immeuble The Crossing. Pour plus d’information, veuillez s’il vous plaît visiter notre site Web ou appeler au 587.355.9273 pour prendre un rendez-vous.

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  • 5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Rental Bathroom On A Budget

    sept. 25, 2019

    If you’d like to give your bathroom a mini makeover, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we have some suggestions for you! Give these 5 easy tips a try.

    Small bathroom decor

    Update your walls

    If you want to make a big change in your bathroom, start by updating your walls. A bold shower curtain can make a statement. Choose wisely and it might become the centerpiece of the room. Another great idea is to add temporary wallpaper. This is such an easy way to give your bathroom a new look, plus it’s affordable and easy to stick on. Plus, if you get bored of it quickly, you can take it off just as easily.

    Update ugly flooring with a rug or peel-and-stick tiles

    It’s not so easy to change the floor in your rental unit. So instead of dreaming of a brand new floor, you can get an awesome rug! Check out Wayfair or Ikea for a great selection. You can also try peel and stick tiles to give your floor a quick update. This is yet another easy way to craft a new bathroom without any gutting. We love it because it’s inexpensive and isn't permanent.

    Maximize Space with Shelving

    If you don’t have a lot of counter space or storage in your bathroom, you might want to install a couple of shelves. Examine the space and look for an empty spot. Above the toilet usually works. A three tier wall shelf might fit perfectly. You can also try an over-the-toilet shelf which looks stylish and gives you more storage space.

    Frame your mirror

    Give your boring bathroom mirror a facelift by adding a nice frame. Since most rental units have plain mirrors that look cheap, this is the best trick which you can do on your own. With a handful of supplies and a few easy steps, you can make a beautiful frame. This will not only make your washroom feel new, but also more luxurious and inviting.

    Update the lighting

    Lighting in any room is key, especially in the bathroom. If you don’t have any natural light, you should invest in good lighting which will make the space feel bigger and brighter. If you plan on applying your makeup in the bathroom, this is yet another good reason to invest in bright lights. If you want to go the extra mile, consider light dimmers. They let you adjust the lighting to your needs and create your desired ambiance. If you like to unwind in a relaxing bath, light dimmers can set the perfect mood.

    Decorating your bathroom has never been so easy or affordable! We hope these tips help you with your bathroom makeover.

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  • Canadian Wine and Food Expos to discover this Fall Season

    sept. 20, 2019

    There’s so much to be excited for this fall season -- especially if you’re passionate about food and wine. We've found the top four wine and food expos across Canada for you to check out this fall!

    Friends drinking wine

    Gourmet Food & Wine Expo (Ontario)

    If you live in Ontario, you have to check out the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. This is your chance to interact with some of the best Canadian chefs, winemakers, brewmasters and mixologists. You can watch live cooking demonstrations on the main stage, sample gourmet food and socialize with friends and fellow foodies. The event is on from November 21st to 24th and tickets start at just $20.

    Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival Calgary

    This epic event is not to be missed! On October 18th and 19th, be sure to check out the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival in Calgary. Taste a wide range of wines, beers, savoury food items and delicious desserts. It’s the perfect weekend outing with friends or a date! The event will be held at Stampede Park BMO Centre. Get your tickets now!

    Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival Edmonton

    If you’re in Edmonton, block off your calendar from November 8th to 9th because the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival is coming your way! This is your chance to taste premium spirits, dynamic wines and amazing beers from around the world. Be sure to come hungry because the food is going to be to die for! Come alone, with friends or mingle with other professionals. The festival will be held at the Edmonton Convention Centre!

    Ottawa Wine and Food Festival

    Ottawa's Wine and Food Festival is back! This year, the event will be held at The Ottawa Convention Centre from November 1st to 3rd. The festival will feature some of the best beer, wine and spirits from Canada and the world, so don’t miss this exciting event. Indulge in gourmet food, yummy snacks and meet industry experts. We hope to see you there!

    Cheers from Timbercreek Communities! We hope to see you at one of these fabulous wine and food expos happening across Canada this fall season!

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  • Montreal In September: Things To Do

    sept. 12, 2019

    Autumn is a great time in Montreal because there's always so much to do! From scenic hikes to exploring unique bars and restaurants, you won’t run out of activities. Timbercreek Communities has a few suggestions for you to try this September.

    Ariel view of Montreal

    Hike up Mont Royal

    If you want to enjoy an incredible view and get some exercise, hike up Mont Royal! The locals love it just as much as the tourists. The walk is about 45 minutes (depending on how fast you walk), and you can start at McGill University’s Campus. There are a few decent lookouts along the way to the top, but when you reach the summit you’ll enjoy the best view of downtown Montreal there is! Before heading back down, take a break, have a snack and enjoy the views!

    Spa Getaway at Bota Bota

    Everyone loves a good spa day, but if you want a truly unique experience you must check out Bota Bota Spa. Escape the city and pamper yourself at this special spa facility located right on the water. You can enjoy a variety of spa treatments, massages, water circuits and the sauna -- all on a boat! Spoil yourself at the spa's top-notch restaurant, Les Traversée, while you're there. This is one experience you won’t want to miss!

    Walk St. Paul Street

    Step back in time when you walk along Rue St. Paul! This historic street attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and it’s no surprise why. You can check out unique art galleries and boutiques, picturesque cafes like Tommy Cafe, or have a fabulous meal at one of the restaurants along the cobblestone street. Rue St-Paul does get busy, so if you don’t like the crowds try to avoid it on weekends.

    Visit Unique Bars and Lounges

    Montreal is definitely the place for unique bars! It’s also home to Canada’s smallest bar, El Pequeño Bar, located in the heart of Old Montreal on Rue St-Vincent. The bar is hopping even though it's only 150 square feet and fits up to 11 people. It's known for its delicious Cuban sandwiches and classic cocktails, especially their mojitos. But if you’re feeling a bit too claustrophobic, head over to Canal Lounge. This floating bar is definitely more spacious! Float on the Lachine Canal as you enjoy a glass of wine, or enjoy a bite or two from their menu. Canal Lounge is only open until October, so be sure to check it out soon!

    Go Shopping

    Montreal has something for everyone when it comes to shopping. It really depends on what you’re looking for, but chances are you’ll be able to find it in this city. If you’re looking for big department stores and big-name brands, head over to St. Catherine’s Street. You’ll find anything from Zara and Simons to Apple. For high-end luxury stores, check out Sherbrooke Street. Visit Old Montreal and St.Laurent Street in Mile End for boutique shops carrying anything from trendy apparel to vintage items.

    Even though summer is slowly coming to an end, there’s so much to be excited about this September!

    Timbercreek Communities hopes you enjoyed these fun Montreal suggestions. To find your home with Timbercreek Communities, please visit our website.

  • How To Repair and Store Your Seasonal Clothing

    sept. 09, 2019

    It's time to welcome fall into your closet! Unless you have a ton of storage space, most Canadians enjoy swapping summer clothes for fall and winter wear by mid-September. In the age of fast fashion, it's easy to forget about certain items that you've taken out of your rotation and throw away damaged ones altogether. Timbercreek Communities has some tips for how to repair and store your seasonal clothing this year -- so you can get more use out of it for years to come.

    Girl putting away clothing

    Repair Your Clothes Before Storing

    When the time comes to put away your summer clothes, think about repairing items that are damaged or slightly worn out before you store them. If you fix them and they appear brand new again, you’ll be more likely to wear them when you pull them out of storage next year. It’s also a good idea to wash everything before storing -- especially if you want to get rid of any stains, odours or perfumes. When storing wool garments, use Woodlore’s Instant Cedar Chest which is filled with cedar shavings to keep the dreaded smell of mothballs away.

    Use Proper Storage Containers

    When it comes to choosing storage containers, it’s best to use plastic ones. They are affordable and work better than plastic bags or cardboard boxes. Check out Canadian Tire for different options and sizes. Try not to stuff the containers to the brim and leave some room for air circulation. This will also help prevent wrinkles.

    Don’t Hang Everything

    Some clothing items are delicate and should not be hung. Knit items, sweaters and other delicates should be folded and placed in a drawer because they tend to lose their shape after a while. You can hang items like jackets, pants, skirts and dresses and keep the rest in a drawer or on a shelf. When it comes to hangers, they are not all the same. Use slim hangers or padded hangers for better support and more space.

    Use Vacuum Seal Bags

    To save space, use vacuum seal bags. They are great for flattening big clothing items which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of storage space. However, you should be careful not to vacuum seal everything. Avoid wool, cashmere, silk and leather as it might take these items a while to come back to their regular shape -- especially after being stored away for a long time.

    Storing seasonal items doesn’t have to be a pain. Timbercreek Communities hopes you found these storage tips helpful!

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Billets Récents

  • Ne ratez pas ces festivals du printemps au Canada

    avr. 09, 2020
    Le printemps est arrivé au Canada et nous ne pourrions pas être plus heureux! Si vous êtes prêt à célébrer, nous avons rassemblé pour vous une liste des meilleurs festivals du printemps qui se déroulent à travers le pays. Ne les ratez surtout pas!
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  • Les incontournables de la mode printemps 2020

    avr. 07, 2020
    Le printemps est enfin arrivé! Nous sommes prêts à ranger nos parkas et à sortir nos «hot pants». Si ça vous le dit également, voici 5 incontournables de la mode printemps 2020 pour votre garde-robe en vue de cette saison.
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  • Ne ratez pas le Festival des tulipes d'Ottawa.

    avr. 02, 2020
    Quelque chose de fantastique fleurit à Ottawa! Le Festival des tulipes est de retour et plus magnifique que jamais. Ne ratez pas ce festival d'une beauté à couper le souffle qui se déroulera du 8 au 18 mai dans la capitale nationale.
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  • Comment éliminer les odeurs d'animaux de compagnie sur vos meubles et dans votre appartement.

    mars 12, 2020
    Êtes-vous un fier propriétaire d'un animal de compagnie? Nous adorons tous nos animaux! Ils nous rendent la vie tellement plus amusante et leur amour inconditionnel est tellement remarquable. Mais soyons réalistes – la vie d’un propriétaire d’un animal de compagnie n’est pas toujours rose. L'odeur des animaux de compagnie, par exemple, est plutôt désagréable. Si vous n'aimez pas l'odeur de votre appartement à cause de votre animal de compagnie, il y a de l'espoir! Voici quelques conseils professionnels pour éliminer les odeurs gênantes des animaux domestiques de votre maison.
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  • Suggestions de repas santé pour végétaliens et végétariens

    mars 04, 2020
    Beaucoup de gens ne se laisseront pas tenter de manger végétarien ou végétalien parce qu'ils craignent de mourir de faim tout le temps, de souffrir d’une déficience en protéines et de ne vivre que de salades. On ne peut pas être plus loin de la vérité! Il existe d'innombrables recettes végétaliennes et végétariennes des plus savoureuses qui sont tout aussi riches et délicieuse que les repas à base de viande. Laissez-vous tenter par l’une ou l’autre de ces copieuses recettes végétaliennes et végétariennes.
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